Top 5 Home Decor Ideas

Metro Group | 17th Apr, 2019

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Home is a place where you live. It’s a reflection of your individuality, taste, and lifestyle. And to transform the atmosphere of your home into a world of style, elegance, and serenity, we are providing some home decor ideas that can enrich your standard of living and experiences.

1) Go For Unique Wall Patterns and Designs
If painting is not your style, go for unique wall patterns and designs. Get creative wall hangings, or go for decorative wallpapers or for unique wall design artifacts, etc. By doing this you can save money from having to paint an entire room and make a big room impact by simple methods but in a stylish way.

2) Add Curves to Your Living
Since most of the luxury apartments in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are box-shaped, it would be fun to add some curves to the living. Tables, chairs, kitchen platform, bookshelves with a curve or adorned with spirals and dots look classy and make the living space a little more stylish.

3) Store Decorative Plants
Living in an apartment in Mumbai doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate your own small patch of garden around. Just pick a corner, and store some decorative plants in your room. Not only will you score a beautiful room with greenery around, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of plants since it calms the body and nourishes the soul.

4) Decorative Lightings
If variety is what you’re looking for then you might want to invest some of your apartment funds into fixing some decorative lights in your house. Whether it’s a spacious sea facing apartment at Palm Beach Road or a 4 BHK flat in Chembur East – good lighting can completely transform the look of the entire house.
From floor lamps, sidewall lights, to ceiling light hangings – everything can give your home a new life and make your living area look more beautiful and gorgeous.

5) Use Attractive Organiser and Save Space Smartly
When space is a concern, invest in a large storage organizer that will serve multiple storage needs. Place it in an inner location in your apartment unit where you can store books, linens, flatware, office supplies, and any extra things that make the home space look more cluttered. An attractive organizer will not only save space smartly but will also make your house look more clutter free, beautiful and eye-catching.

Creating an atmosphere full of comfort, warmness, and elegance that fuses inspiration and enriches your senses, will make your home a heaven on earth. Since it’s the most loved possession we all have, ensure you take complete care to decor your home into the most stylish way you can!

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